Bobbi-Lee Chatelaine

Bobbi-Lee is the Principal and also co-teaches the Gr. 3-5 students. She has been a teacher for 10 years and her career has included a variety of different roles including principal and teacher at the Living and Learning School for 7 of those years, as well as an island-wide Salmon Education Coordinator for the Salmonids in the Classroom Program, and a Teacher Librarian/Literacy Support person for SD50. She has a passion for outdoor education, the arts and community involvement projects. She brings her knowledge and experience of being connected to the land into the classroom and works towards fostering environmental stewardship and global responsibility in her students.





Karen Walhout

Karen has been a teacher on Haida Gwaii for 7 years. Her hobbies include dancing, arts and crafts, wild harvesting, gardening and cooking. Also a yoga teacher, Karen enjoys bringing mindfulness activities into the classroom routine. She works part time at the Living and Learning School teaching language arts and math. She loves bringing her lessons outside the classroom and into the real world.