Kristen Compton

Meet Kristen Compton who attended the Living and Learning School from grades 2-4. When asked what she remembers about the school Kristen says, “The lessons and activities were more life skills, and more relevant to real life.” Now as an adult she feels every school should be following the Living and Learning philosophy and steering in that direction. Kristen recalls the school was more group-focused, and each day started and ended with a circle with every student and teacher. During most of the day students were separated into two age groups and much of the work was self-paced. This allowed Kristen to work ahead so she was never bored. Kristen spoke of loving all the outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking and learning how to make a cement wall with special guest Maryanna Yalte. Perhaps, the nurturing environment at the Living and Learning assisted Kristen in choosing her profession of Emergency Room Nurse. Kristen now resides in Dawson Creek where she is raising her two beautiful little boys and is often found working in her garden and preserving her harvest in her kitchen. Kristen’s plans for the future include returning to school once she is done raising her sons and becoming a nurse practitioner. Right now, she is content with her career and family. We at the Living and Learning wish you the very best in your future goals Kristen and are happy you were part of the Living and Learning School family.


Ben Drover

Winner of the Fernandez Earle Hawaii Scholarship now known as the Scholarship Foundation of the Pacific, a successful Registered Nurse in the ICU in Prince George attended part of his educational career at the Living and Learning School. Ben attended from grades 3-7, when the school was in the green trailer besides the Queen Charlotte Hall. The trailer is now gone and since been replaced by the farmers market, but Ben’s memories of the Living and Learning are alive and well. Ben from his home in Prince George, spoke fondly about his experiences at the Living and Learning. Ben recalls when the school first started the parents were the teachers, sharing their personal skills. Eventually the school evolved to have paid teaching staff and Ben remembers teachers Mark Ruzylo and Erin Sinclair as well as many engaging and interesting hands on experiences at the school. He recalls building a boat, lots and lots of hiking, having recess on the beach each day, hatchery projects with Dave Davies and the mentorship program where students were linked with local mentors and Ben learned to sail. The Living and Learning fulfilled Ben’s passion for the outdoors while offering him a strong academic base that he carried into the local high school where he repeatedly made honor roll. In the near future Ben plans to tackle his Masters. We at the Living and Learning wish Ben good luck in his next adventure and are happy we had the opportunity to be one small piece in Ben’s educational experience.