Joël Lagasse

Joël is currently the Principal and Special Education Resource Teacher at the Living and Learning school (L&L). His previous teaching experience with the Haida Gwaii School District spans more than 10 years and includes being an elementary classroom teacher, Special Education Resource Teacher, Outdoor Education Leader, and a TTOC. Joël first became involved in the L&L three years ago when his oldest son entered kindergarten.  Inspired by the small class sizes, regular outdoor activities and unique role parents play in the school’s success, Joël decided to join the Living and Learning teaching team on a full time basis for the 2022-2023 school year. He also volunteered as a board member for the L&L during the 2021-2022 school year. In his role as principal, he simply hopes to keep a good thing going… maintaining a supportive space for families to live, learn, and build meaningful community together.



Bobbi-Lee Chatelaine

Bobbi-Lee teaches the intermediate class. She has been a teacher for over 10 years and her career has included a variety of different roles including principal and teacher at the Living and Learning School for 7 of those years, as well as an island-wide Salmon Education Coordinator for the Salmonids in the Classroom Program, and a Teacher Librarian/Literacy Support person for SD50. She has a passion for outdoor education, the arts and community involvement projects. She brings her knowledge and experience of being connected to the land into the classroom and works towards fostering environmental stewardship and global responsibility in her students.




Lexi Forbes

Lexi teaches the primary class. She has been a teacher on Haida Gwaii for 4 years, including 3 years of multi-grade classrooms, as well as a TOC for all K-7 grade levels. She has resided on Haida Gwaii for the past 15 years. Prior to becoming a teacher she worked in environmental conservation and visual arts, both for which she holds university degrees. She also worked as an outdoor tour guide for 6 years, which motivates learning in nature and hands on learning. Her previous environmental work has fostered stewardship, and community and global awareness in many students. She also has experience with First Nations content and culture, and has taught with a focus on truth and reconciliation throughout her teaching career to all grade levels. Lexi spends her free time working as a visual artist, and brings her passion for art into all her teaching. Her teaching strategies are interdisciplinary and ‘big pictured’, with a strong focus on helping learners make connections.