We believe that children who learn in a safe, supportive and co-operative atmosphere develop self-worth, self-expression and personal power enabling them to grow into strong, creative and caring human beings.

We believe in fostering in our children an awareness and respect for the human spirit and the natural environment.

Our Mission

The Living and Learning school’s mission is to provide a creative, empowering learning environment that stimulates children’s natural curiosity, allows each child to develop his or her own interests and encourages skills for life long learning. We create a learning community with our students, supported by parents, teachers and community volunteers. Committed to this, our parent-run school builds on the BC curriculum with an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.

The Living and Learning School practices inclusive education and works to accommodate students with special needs. The school is eligible for Special Education Funding from the Ministry of Education for students with special needs and may be able to support students with a variety of services including but not limited to developing individual education plans and hiring extra Support Staff.